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In its pursuit of reaching out to youth through means of Employability Education and Employment Opportunities, KenServe in collaboration with its partners have executed the following Rural Employability & Development Projects.

Some of the projects have been initiators for the others to take shape.

  1. Ratnagiri Employment Trends Survey
    In May 2010, KenServe conducted an Employment Trends Survey among 34 varied industries to gauge the employment potential in Ratnagiri. Findings of the survey revealed increasing employment opportunities but a critical need for skill development among the youth.

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  2. EX-EL Centre in Shiposhi, a rural village in Ratnagiri
    The Employment Trends Survey made for the first EX-EL training centre in a rural village, Shiposhi, located in South Ratnagiri. Currently in its second batch, EX-EL Centre offers a 2 month training program in Banking Financial Services and Insurance which culminates into placement assistance.

  3. Kolhapur Employment Trends Survey
    A similar Employment Trends Survey was conducted in the neighboring city of Kolhapur, revealing potential for growth and increasing number of jobs across industries. This study has given impetus for the possible launch of an EX-EL Centre in the city.

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