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Recent studies have shown that less than 1 in 4 professional/technical graduates and less than 1 in 7 general graduates from science, commerce or arts streams are actually ready for the workplace. Industry finds a huge gap in skill level of graduates in various areas that remain unaddressed by the current curriculum.

The lack of industry exposure in the classroom coupled with shortage of time and mandates to complete the prescribed syllabus lead to what we call an "employability deficit" in education. In order to overcome this employability deficit, Employability skills need to be clearly understood and addressed.

Employability skills are those basic skills necessary for getting, keeping, and doing well on a job.

These skills are critical to performing workplace tasks effectively. Communication skills, interpersonal skills, integrity, right attitude, problem solving, decision making and team building skills are common examples of employability skills., which are much sought after by employers cutting across Industries.

Census projections suggest that the proportion of Indians in the 15-to-64 age group will increase steadily, from 62.9 percent in 2006 to 68.4 percent in 2026. However this demographic dividend can easily turn into a demographic nightmare if the growing workforce does not develop employable skills soon.

KenServe addresses this very employability deficit among youth and young employees by introducing sustainable learning models like EX-EL, I-2-I and a host of other employability programs and products.



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